In Germany, Rooftop & Community Solar is Powering the Country (& Creating Thousands of Jobs)

Renewable energy (and especially solar) policies of the last decade or so have turned cloudy, northerly Germany into a country rich in solar power… literally. Millions of individuals benefit from rooftop solar and community-owned solar. Solar is bringing down the price of electricity in some situations. And all of this is creating a hefty helping of jobs, thousands and thousands and thousands of jobs. Here’s more from a CleanTechnica repost:

[repostus hash=fdac25cf1c36c1c77d653560d5adcce3 title=Small-Town%20Solar%20Revolution%20Has%20Created%20Jobs%20Galore%20%26%23038%3B%20Driven%20Down%20Price%20of%20Power%20in%20Germany host=Clean%20Technica short=17Kcr]

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