Improving the Hudson (Film)

Maintaining our nation’s rivers and bays is not only important for clean drinking water, general sanitation, and summer vacationers, but, also, rivers such as the Hudson are home to a vast array of vegetation, wildlife, and ecosystems.  Fifty years ago, the Hudson was full of waste, pollution, and dead fish.  Where families once swam and where fisherman used to make a living, the Hudson was invaded by industrial excrement.  However, over the next 30 years, environmentalist efforts vastly improved the Hudson, and while the quality of the Hudson River’s waters is still a work in progress, many politicians, fisherman, and activists have made great strides in protecting the river.

The SnagFilms documentary titled The Hudson Riverkeepers chronicles the decades of environmental progress that the Hudson has witnessed.  Featuring Robert F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and Walter Cronkite, The Hudson Riverkeepers gives us a glimpse of one of the most successful environmental efforts in American history.  Watch it here or at for free:

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