If Chevron Stopped Greenwashing, These Would be Their Ads


The League of Conservation Voters has launched a new campaign to counter Chevron’s newest greenwashed advertising blitz. In their new ads, Chevron asks, “Will You Join Us?” and gives examples of the things people can do on a personal level to stop global warming.

They don’t mention what they as a company have the power to do. Instead, they ask people to do things like take their golf clubs out of their trunk, replace light bulbs with CFLs, and “consider” buying a hybrid.

We all know that Chevron has a unique ability to do much more to stop global warming than simply encouraging others to make personal changes—their business decisions affect everyone on the planet. Barack Obama said it best: “We can’t solve global warming because I f***ing changed light bulbs in my house. It’s because of something collective.”

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8 thoughts on “If Chevron Stopped Greenwashing, These Would be Their Ads”

  1. Change costs money. Publicly held companies have a responsibility to maximize profits for stockholders. Traders rarely look to the long term (except perhaps for hedge funds), so profits must come short-term. Therefore, all profitable publicly-held companies will tend toward ‘business as usual” In order to get a profitable business to embrace ANY kind of change there must be something in it for the company SHORT TERM. Long term goals and philosophies, the chance of creating jobs sometime in the future – that’s not even going to be on a publicly-traded company’s radar – no matter what their PR departments are paid to say.


    lol, the economic troubles have their root in Republican St. Ronald Reagan’s deregulation of credit. lol, it was fertilized by the Republican insistence that “debt doesn’t matter”. lol, the troubles were watered with trickle-down economics. Finally, these flowered into the bank and market failures seen under both Bushes.

    Meanwhile, the era where middle and lower ‘class’ folk (you know, the majority) actually prospered was the 8 years when Clinton reduced government, balanced the budget, and began to pay down debt. (yes, he fit the Republican ideal more closely than most Republicans)

    lol. I’m not even remotely a Democrat, and I can see this. This is why the Republicans hurt right now. (well, that and the FACT that they’ve seemed hell-bent on gutting the Constitution for the last 8 years – blame the PNAC if you want) They haven’t learned ANYTHING in the last 20 years or so…


  2. It is absurd to postulate that the Iraq war and the economy are separate issues, not cause and effect. The wealth Bush and Cheney squandered on this insane tragic debacle could have fueled a massive and sustainable improvement for the US economy through investment in green technology, higher education, better health care, and repair and renovation of the county’s infrastructure. Furthermore, the human capital destroyed by this war may in the long term dwarf the economic cost. By the way, Obama raised his campaign funds through millions of small donations made by ordinary working Americans, not from big corporate donors, lobbyists, wealthy individuals and PACs, which is where McCain’s funding came from.

  3. This is brilliant. I had the same thought when I first saw one of these Chevron ads on a bus stop. It really made me angry! I would love to see some of your posters replacing theirs in a guerrilla art campaign!

  4. lol, not republicans fault. you can blame the 1.5 trillion $$ war on them, but not the economy. if im not mistaken, it was clinton who signed a bill into law negating the fail safes created after the great depression. Also, republican party members arnt rich middle class people, i believe they have an almost equal net income as the average democrat. Talking of rich people, the obama compain raised over 1 billion dollars, still has over 250 mill left even after that 30 min infomercial and nonstop calls to my house.

    Also, lol at your ideals, and lol at the fact you sound like an upper middle class person.

  5. I think that you are just playing into hype here and not really addressing any of the facts behind the issue. If you actually took an unbiased look into what the oil companies are doing you would know that they have a lot to gain in a green fueled economy. If you don’t think that these companies want to go green you are entirely wrong. These companies are run by people just like you and me, all of whom want to leave this planet better than when they set food on it. I find it quite comical that you say that Chevron should be doing more. “We all know that Chevron has a unique ability to do much more to stop global warming than simply encouraging others to make personal changes” Yes, Chevron does have the unique ability to do more and you know what? They are. I’m sorry but this is reality, you can’t change an infrastructure over night. You know who you should really be complaining to? Your readers because they are the ones who demand oil rather than alternative fuels. The purpose of these ad’s are to get people to make changes in their lives that can have an immediate impact on global warming. You can complain that Chevron isn’t doing enough, but what do you want them to do? Invest all of their cash in green projects that have no return and go belly up? Hate to break it to you but its a demand pull economy. The only green washing going on here is with this article. Come up with some constructive criticism or perhaps even a solution rather than riding the coattails of the green movement yourself.

  6. As the dark clouds of the great republican depression roll over our economy and we begin to realize the party had by the uber-rich at the middle and lower classes expense we will turn with vengeance to public transportation. We will insist that this public transportation be powered by compressed natural gas! and we have plenty of it here at home! I look forward to my commute in a bar car with my computer on the table in front of me, resting and cleaning up the details of the days work, before jumping into a carbon fiber and polymer composite ultralight plug in shuttle car to my front door, to greet my family in pleasant manner! Something like an English gentleman of days gone by! I may even purchase a Bowler hat and an umbrella! I will happily give up the huge and risky investment in shabby automobiles and the mad race in all weather, through grid lock, traffic accidents high insurance premiums, ridiculous gas prices, and unexpected break downs I now subsidize my employer with just to get to work on time and trade it all for a first class coach seat and a computer plug in, or a lounge car and good conversation over a drink! Only a masochistic asshole would prefer the slap of frozen windshield wipers and the roar of broken exhaust pipes, now isn’t that just So! Chevron, Exxon Mobil Be Damned! The jig is up!

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