Huntsman Relieved at Cain's Surge & Republicans Shunning Him

jon huntsman

To be honest, I would not be surprised in the least if Huntsman felt like this is a bit (as reported previously, Huntsman is just about the only Republican presidential candidate that even has half a clue when it comes to basic scientific knowledge, including climate science knowledge, and he has mentioned that). Now, this jem below from The Onion is, of course,.. from The Onion and is not using real quotes from Huntsman. But Huntsman has, more or less, already indicated that he thinks his competitors are a bit looney.

SALT LAKE CITY—With a recent Gallup poll indicating only 2 percent of his party supports his candidacy for president, Jon Huntsman confided to staffers Tuesday that he was secretly relieved to be faring so poorly among the die-hard GOP base. “When I saw the numbers and realized Republicans weren’t embracing my message, I breathed easily for the first time in months,” the former Utah governor and ambassador to China said. “They’re terrifying. We’re talking about people who blame the unemployed for their own predicament and literally applaud the idea of letting those who don’t have health insurance die. What would it say about me if they gravitated toward me personally or approved of my political principles?” Huntsman added that it was a huge weight off his shoulders when Herman Cain surged ahead of him in the polls, noting that it could easily have been him.

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