Hot, Hot, Hot Summers Coming


Exceedance frequencies during 2035-2064 for summer-mean temperatures that were 95th percentile values during 1950–1979, from the an ensemble of 16 computer models. Credit: Duffy and Tebaldi/Climatic Change.

“If You Thought is Was Hot Last Summer…”

That’s the title of a post on Climate Central by Andrew Freedman and I can’t do better, so I’m reusing it. 😀 The post, on a new study published in the journal Climatic Change, finds that odds of unusually hot summers has already increased in much of the U.S. and we can expect some scorching summers in the coming years. (Surprised?)

“By examining historical weather observations and simulations from 16 state-of-the-art climate models, the research showed that extremely warm average summer temperatures that used to be quite rare are already occurring more often in certain regions, particularly in the Western U.S., upper Midwest and Atlantic Coast.”

Additionally, Freedman notes: “A recent study by researchers at Stanford University found that permanently hotter summers, in which the coolest summer temperatures will be hotter than the hottest temperatures of past summers, may occur in the U.S. far sooner than was previously anticipated. The study found a 50 percent likelihood that a regime shift into an era of hotter summers would reach North America by midcentury, after starting in the tropics. “

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