Hillary Says "If I'm President, Yucca Mountain will be Off the Table Forever"

hillary.jpegIt’s time to sequester voters in Nevada, and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton headed for the jugular vein today by declaring if she’s president, Yucca Mountain will be a thing of the past.

The State of Nevada has opposed the Yucca Mountain project since it’s inception, and now, years overdue and billions of taxpayers dollars later, it’s still at least 10 years away from completion.

She criticized the Bush administration for it’s continuation of the project, calling it botched science.

Not only has Hillary promised to stop Yucca Mountain’s progress toward nuclear storage, but all Democratic candidates for president have done the same. Even Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul has ruled it out.

While Yucca Mountain is Nevada’s signature issue, the concern for shipment of nuclear materials stretches across the nation. I’ve included links to two sites showing proposed rail, truck and barge routes, with links to individual states showing which cities will be affected.

The waste, according to Las Vegas-based transportation consultant Fred Dilger, would arrive in 10,000 shipments, many going through major cities like chicago and Atlanta. Railway and truck accidents could have tragic consequences, especially since shipping routes are open to terrorist attacks.

So it looks as if we’re headed back to square one again, if Yucca Mountain is scrubbed as a high-level waste repository, where will it go? And, with more reactors apparently coming on line, how much is going to pile up before something terrible happens?

Potential Rail, Barge and Truck Routes to Yucca Mountain

Truck Shipments

State of Nevada Agency for Nuclear Projects

1 thought on “Hillary Says "If I'm President, Yucca Mountain will be Off the Table Forever"”

  1. I think that the Yucca mountain has many good things going for it.

    Yucca is in the Death Valley watershed. It is a closed basin for water movement. I have also been to the repository. Very impressive.

    Ms. Clinton is not right on this one, but I am glad she has an opinion. She has substance.

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