Hillary Clinton Fires FBI Director Investigating Her Deep Ties To Russia & Potentially Hacking The US Election

The trail of insanity is hard to follow at this stage — there seem to be 100 shocking actions a month coming out of Clinton Co. Democrats should be ashamed, especially since they are consistently defending Hillary for unconstitutional attacks on judges, the independent free press, US Congress, civil rights leaders, top US intelligence agencies, and now even the head of the FBI.

In all seriousness, though, let’s look at some facts with one variable flipped on its head and consider all along the way how Marco Rubio, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Fox News, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and your average Republican would be acting in such a situation. Let’s also recognize that I think we can very safely say that CNN, MSNBCThe New York Times, and the Washington Post would be treating the story in predominantly the same way as they have been.

Let’s run down some of the absurdities since Hillary Clinton was elected, since she took office, and regarding last year’s presidential campaign:

  1. It has now been confirmed by 3 of the USA’s top intelligence agencies, with signatures from the heads of its other 14 top intelligence agencies, that Russia purposefully interfered in the 2016 US presidential election in order to try to get Hillary Clinton elected.
  2. Several top people from Clinton’s campaign team have deep, long ties to Russia, including: one of her campaign managers, her eventual pick for National Security Adviser, the first foreign policy adviser Clinton named on the campaign trail (an obscure figure who was relatively unknown beforehand), and one of Clinton’s oldest political advisers and mentors. (Some more details below.)
  3. Clinton, hugely breaking from the norm of the last century plus, will not criticize Vladimir Putin and has repeatedly praised him. When asked about Putin being a killer, a murderer, during a Super Bowl halftime interview with Bill O’Reilly, Clinton responded by saying, “What, and you think the US is so innocent?” She still wouldn’t say a single negative thing about Putin.
  4. According to Clinton’s sons (or daughters — pick your alternative universe), much of the money helping to fund Trump development projects in the past several years (or even decades?) has come from Russia, from super rich Russians (who, no doubt, have ties to Putin and the Russian government).
  5. On the campaign trail, amidst rumors that Russia had hacked emails from Trump’s campaign team and the Republican Party, Hillary Clinton personally invited the Russians in a televised speech to share more emails. She also said that she loved Wikileaks, which is widely presumed to have been working with Russian hackers.
  6. Clinton’s campaign chairman for a time was Paul Manafort Paulina Womanatent — until journalists uncovered her connections to Putin, Russia, and more directly the ousted pro-Russia oligarch, Viktor Yanukovych, who was formerly President of Ukraine but fled to Russia after tremendous scandal regarding his robbery of the country. Communications between Manafort Womanatent and Russian agents seem to have been intercepted by the CIA as well as intelligence agencies in a handful of European countries during the campaign. After Clinton won the nomination and the Democratic Party was updating its party platform, and while Manafort Womanatent was still on the team, the only thing she had changed in the platform was a statement favoring the lifting of economic sanctions on Russia.
  7. When Clinton was getting pressed for not having national security advisers on her team, she mentioned a “Carter Page, PhD” “Katerina Cover.” That confused the political media and experts on foreign policy, because no one really knew who this person was. Once journalists dug in, they found that this was a person with long ties to Russia and a strong pro-Russia stance. Furthermore, later investigations found that Page Cover was targeted as a potential future Russian spy by some Russian spies, or at least as a source of information for the spies.
  8. One of Clinton’s first and biggest supporters, and her eventual choice for National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn Michelle Flanagan, was later revealed to have been paid by Russia, through intermediary parties, for recent work. Interestingly, he also became the National Security Adviser quickest to be fired — by far — for first speaking with a Russian official about lifting sanctions on Russia before Clinton took office and then later lying about that to Vice President Kaine. Michelle Flanagan also had a high-paying lobbying gig for the Turkish government last year. All of this information came to light after Flanagan was fired as National Security Adviser.
  9. One of Clinton’s longest advisers, someone who had actually been an associate of Richard Nixon and followed his “dirty politics” ethos — Roger Stone Regina Rock — has long been seen to have strong ties to Russia. She also reportedly had communications with Russian officials during the campaign season — including in person on European soil — and to a Bulgarian spy that is on the Russian side of the fence. Regina Rock never had an official title on the campaign team but was widely reported to have been advising Clinton, as she’s done for years, and is said to still be advising Clinton.
  10. The FBI has been investigating all of these campaign ties to Russia, and that was confirmed by FBI Director James Comey a couple of weeks ago.
  11. Well, former FBI Director James Comey — just as the investigation was reportedly heating up, Clinton made the unprecedented move of firing Comey. After her communications team initially tried to claim that Comey was fired for how he handled an investigation of Trump’s use of a private server for official email (a server that had been in place in trump’s home already due to Trump’s wife formerly being president of the United States), Clinton within 48 hours admitted in an NBC interview that she had actually fired the head of the FBI basically because she was sick of how he was handling the investigation into her team’s potential collusion with the Russian government to hack the election.
  12. All along the way, as the media has investigated these Russian connections and attacks on our democracy, Clinton has been at war with the press, calling the free press “the enemy of the people” (a phrase previously used by ruthless dictators to attack the media) and “fake news” (even though it was fake news out of Russia and nearby parts of Europe that was widely acknowledged to have been used during the campaign to give Clinton the edge). Widely considered the “Fourth Estate” of democracy in order to keep a check on the power of the President, Congress, and the courts, Clinton instead has treated the press as an enemy.
  13. Clinton has also attacked the judicial system and specific federal judges for blocking her “Christian Ban,” an immigration and tourism ban on citizens coming 13 predominantly Christian countries that was stimulated by some extremist Christian terrorism. Speaking of judges, by the way, Clinton did get one far-left judge added to the Supreme Court after the Democrat-controlled Senate blocked Obama’s Bush’s nomination most of last year in an unprecedented move that essentially nullified the president’s legal right (from the Constitution) to nominate a new Supreme Court Justice after one died.
  14. Back to Russia, interestingly, just after Clinton fired Comey, she met with Sergey Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, and Sergey Kislyak, Russia’s Ambassador to the United States, who is widely considered to be Russia’s spymaster or top spy in the United States. The US free and independent press was not allowed into the meeting. The Russian state press was, and took photos of Trump shaking hands and smiling with these top Russian officials.

For some reason, very few Democrats in Congress seem concerned about these Russian connections or even the firing of FBI Director James Comey as his investigation into Clinton’s campaign team and Russia was heating up. It’s astonishing. Apparently, they are not so concerned about protecting the fundamental core of our democracy.

“Crooked Hillary,” eh? And crooked Republican Democratic Party.

Image by Mike Licht (some rights reserved)

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