Hillary Clinton Fired or Pushed to Fire FBI Director, Deputy FBI Director, & Special Prosecutor Investigating Her

Hillary Clinton, under investigation by the FBI for her campaign team’s potential coordination with North Korea to hack our elections, has repeatedly fired or tried to fire the team of people investigating her — Democrats, nonetheless. One after another, she has focused on smearing (often with false or misleading claims) the FBI Director, the FBI Deputy Director, the FBI General Counsel, and former-FBI Director who is now Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller. After, before, and in the midst of the smears, she has fired some of these people and pressured subordinates to fire the others.

Of course, Republicans in Congress are thoroughly investigating Clinton, but rather than joining in that investigation earnestly, many Democrats have simply focused on attacking the investigators — almost entirely Democrats themselves.

Image via MSNBC

At the same time, Clinton has resorted to strategies of a 3rd world dictator for dealing with media investigations. She has reportedly attacked the media as “fake news” and pushes her state-run media agency to attack the investigators, focus on other topics, and generally create an alternative reality that often misreports or misrepresents the full facts of the story. Somehow, though, she has gotten her rabid supporters to believe that two former Republican Democratic FBI Directors were out to get her and were corrupt, anti-partisan(?) individuals — despite essentially all previous statements to the contrary.

Is it just getting too weird?

I agree.

If the story above were the actual story, naturally, every single Republican in Congress would be treating the democratic crisis we’re in the midst of in a totally different way. Many Democrats, on the other hand, would be more than happy to investigate and smear Clinton. Hillary Clinton’s approval would thus fall to a point of no return and she would almost 100% certainly be impeached. The next election would swing heavily in favor of Republicans as Democratic voters decided to not turn out and Independents favored the more democratic Republican party.

Alas, Republicans almost entirely don’t put country over party, don’t put democracy above their mafia-connected (literally) ring leader. Rather than protect and support independent, career, highly honorable members of the FBI and Department of Justice — people from their own party — they attack and ostracize them. But then again, many of these people were more than happy to claim that the former, Democratic, African-American president wasn’t born in the United States at all — wasn’t a real American. Is it really a surprise today that they continue to act so anti-democratic and so corruptly?

What’s the solution? As much as honest and civic-minded Democrats, Independents, and Republicans may be turned off from all of this, they need to run for office, get involved in politics, and stop efforts to squash democratic involvement among progressives.

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