Heat Records: Nearly 3,000 Set in U.S. This Week (Extreme Heat Kills at Least 8)

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Think it’s hot? Well, it is! Cities all across the U.S. have shattered heat records this week. (Don’t forget, though, you shouldn’t try to connect them to climate change or global warming!)

Of course, its worth knowing, the hottest summers these days will be comparable to the coolest summers in 2050 if we don’t do something about climate change FAST.

More on this week’s heat wave from Think Progress Green:

“The fossil-fueled heat wave blazing across the United States east of the Rockies has killed at least eight people, knocked out power from Detroit to Connecticut, and set 1,859 high-temperature and 993 high-minimum-temperature records this week.”

Yes, it’s that time of year when, all of a sudden, people start to realize that the world is getting hotter. Just don’t start thinking too much!

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