Heartland Institute Documents Leaked


Updated February 19, 2012: New stories from here (Planetsave) and around:

Note: The Heartland Institute has confirmed in a public statement that it sent board materials to an unintended person, but states that the “Climate Strategy” is a fake. DeSmog blog notes, however, that some of the components of the Climate Strategy have now been independently confirmed. “The DeSmogBlog has received no direct communications from the Heartland Institute identifying any misstatement of fact in the ‘Climate Strategy’ document and is therefore leaving the material available to those who may judge their content and veracity based on these and other sources,” Richard Littlemore also writes. The Heartland Institute reports that its president “still has not had the opportunity to read them all to see if they were altered. Therefore, the authenticity of those documents has not been confirmed.” As such, I’ve removed the initial post quoting the documents and other coverage around the net and will just keep this page updated with new pieces on the story as they are published on sites looking into it further, or by the Heartland Institute itself.

For more info on this story, here are a handful of posts from around the web:

Hearts in handcuffs via shutterstock.

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