Heartland Hypocrisy Continues

heartland institute hypocrite

The Heartland Institute has been totally hypocritical when it comes to the leaking of some of its internal documents compared to the false scandal known as climategate. The hypocrisy jumped out at me again this week when reading another release from the conservative ‘think tank’ and threats made by the institute.

The Heartland Institute wrote: “Fakegate may be as damaging to the global warming movement as Climategate was. That scandal revealed high-ranking scientists in the global warming movement conspiring to restrict debate, hide uncertainty, and destroy data.”

Not only is the institute trying to turn the tides on who this whole thing is damaging to, but it also CONTINUES to misrepresent the findings of over half a dozen independent investigations of (and any commonsense look at) the climate scientists emails that were hacked and have been published out of context for years, essentially framing climate scientists in the public eye.

So, again, rather than take its own advice and not make false claims based on stolen and inaccurately reported documents, the Heartland Institute continues to peddle lies and confuse the public.

Threats to Moms & Veterans,.. & Basic Citizen Rights

The Heartland Institute has also continually threatened anyone who writes about these released documents, which it hasn’t been able to confirm are authentic for nearly a week now (!), including threatening a 71-year-old Navy veteran (for writing the institute a completely polite and non-threatening email) and a young mom concerned about her child’s future.

For more on those absurd stories, check out the link above or:

Is there any wonder an actual climate scientist took it upon himself to expose the Heartland Institute for what it is? (I’ll be writing on that new revelation in a bit.)

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