Heartland Institute Classroom Confusionist Trying to Spread Conspiracy Theory in U.S. Public Schools

teaching kids science wrong

The News: Yep, conspiracy theory could be a part of your children’s public education soon, unfortunately. As revealed this month in the leak of key Heartland Institute documents, the institute is paying $100,000 a year to David E. Wojick to essentially put global warming curriculum into public schools that goes completely against the scientific consensus on this topic.

“Wojick has now spoken out, defending his intention to teach children the conspiracy theory that man-made climate change is ‘one of the great scientific debates of history,’ instead of a scientific fact built upon decades of research,” Brad Johnson of Think Progress writes. “In a Huffington Post comment, Wojick described his work as a taxpayer-funded consultant for the Department of Energy on science education, and his desire to fight “the company line about dangerous human induced warming‘”

More from Brad:

Previous comments on Huffington Post expose Wojick as an ideological conspiracy theorist, who seems to earnestly believe that the global scientific consensus on climate change is the “global warming scare,” a “catastroph­e theory with an agenda,” a “political and ideologica­l struggle,” and perhaps even “Eco-Marxism.” He makes the baseless claim that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is an “advocacy organization,” rather than the neutral scientific body it actually is.

Wojick repeats some of the most absurd canards of climate deniers, claiming that “CO2 is not pollution, it is the global food supply,” that increased CO2 “might even be beneficial,” that there has only been warming “for one 20 year period,” and that the role of CO2 in global warming is “unknown.”

Why This is Important: Unfortunately, since this guy might be influencing what your kids learn. This guy is off-the-wall crazy making these claims. Check out more on the scientific consensus that humans are causing global warming and this is a HUGE concern. And check out some of the many reasons why we know humans cause global warming. And, for a bit of fun and education, check out this great video by Peter Sinclair on the “CO2 is Plant Food” claim:

And here’s a new video by the Climate Reality Project commenting in its own way on this effort to confuse our kids:

Action Opportunities: For now, stay informed, and spread this news!

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4 thoughts on “Heartland Institute Classroom Confusionist Trying to Spread Conspiracy Theory in U.S. Public Schools”

  1. wtf* Just what is this about? Even as a masters student I don’t understand what you’re are talking about!
    I’d hope it was just because I was too stupid, but after browsing through the website of the so-called “Heartland Institute” I’m still no closer to the truth..
    My hope is that nobody takes this seriosly! In my opinion, the “Heartland Institute” (or “Planet save” .. what ever that indicates) is nothing but an Institute bought up by some company spouting pseudo-science amongst people who should know better!

    1. i’m a little confused. Planetsave is completely, 100% not the Heartland Institute. Not sure how you didn’t catch that. ?

      Also, we are independent, not owned by any “company spouting pseudo-science”

      To be honest, I’m confused at how you could be so confused.

  2. jeez, but Why are so many Americans so complacent about our rotten politicians that are running the economy down with there self serving, pocket lining lying thugs that should be shot for treason to this great country. I’m 82 so I won;t be around for the revolt—-Or when china owns America—Do you beleave the crap the oil industry spews??? The politicians want money—so they pass laws for the rip off oil industry, and then act like they are an American hero—-makes you want to barf then shoot the bastards

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