Hartford Sets Record Snowfall in Middle of Warmer than Average Month — No Surprise

As has been known for quite awhile, snow does not necessarily mean colder than average — many places have gotten snow for centuries and will continue to get snow even in the midst of global warming. No one has claimed that the whole world is going to turn tropical overnight due to climate change.

Furthermore, MORE SNOW IS EXPECTED WITH GLOBAL WARMING (in the places that remain cold enough to get it). Global warming results in more precipitation — simple effect.

So, while Hartford, Connecticut only had 2 days of colder than average temperatures in the first 11 days of January and the month is 2.2° above average so far, it recently set a new snowfall record. Again, nothing at all surprising here.

For more on the matter, check out CapitalClimate’s ongoing coverage of it.

h/t Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Photo Credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video

2 thoughts on “Hartford Sets Record Snowfall in Middle of Warmer than Average Month — No Surprise”

    As a former climate change believer, may I personally apologize for condemning billions of children to death by CO2 for 25 years, just to get them to turn the lights out more often. I had become the fear mongering neocon of CO2 environMENTALism as I issued CO2 death warrants to YOUR family and mine. I apologize for calling: cold -warm, warm -hot and for calling all bad weather -Humanity’s fault. I apologize for splitting responsible environmentalism and dragging progressivism down with it. I apologize for not endorsing population control instead of impossible climate control. I apologize for scaring children with: “unstoppable warming” and “out of control warming and “runaway warming“ and not having the honesty to call it THE END OF THE WORLD.
    I’m sorry I forgot this MOST important fact:
    -that it was the trusted scientists we bowed to and their evil chemicals that made environmentalism necessary in the first place.
    We former believers admit to being pretend rebels as we were spoon-fed by corporations and politicians promising to lower the seas. The neocons have never admitted their Iraq War WMD’s and the scientists have never admitted responsibility for their chemicals that are causing cancer. I admit my ideology’s WMD’s that led us to another Bush-like false war against a false enemy. Please forgive me?

    1. I Love how i get near-identical comments like this from diff names repeatedly on here. and how you link numerous unrelated issues. yes, we get the point, you think climate change is a hoax bcs you don’t trust the govt and you think they would make you do things like put solar panels on your house (which they wouldn’t make you do, but even if they did, would probably save you money in the long-term) or make polluting industries (which are currently heavily subsized by taxpayers) compete with clean energy on a more equal level. of course, govt isn’t taking this route for the most part, bcs they are too influenced by the coal and oil industry, so you have nothing to worry about. continue paying taxes for the oil and coal industry to harm or even kill your children and grandchildren. (and then tell yourself you’ve won)

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