Halloween Costumes for Greenies [PHOTOS]

Halloween is coming up,  and if you haven’t decided on a costume yet, it’s probably a good time to start thinking about one. I wrote about 10 ways to green your Halloween recently on the Fun Times Guide to Living Green and 4 of the tips focused on costumes. I thought those would be worth a share here as well.

The 4 general tips were:

  1. Don’t look too far. With a little creativity, you can probably come up with a good costume just from the clothes in your closet — an old uniform or just some funky clothes you’ve picked up along the way. I’ve dressed up in a Uganda soccer jersey with matching yellow swim trunks in the past, for example. I’m sure you could do better — I try to keep my wardrobe pretty simple.
  2. Check out the closet or room next door. Check out your sibling or partner’s closet if you can’t find something in yours… Chances are, something of theirs will seem more interesting on you than on them.
  3. Swap costumes. Like one of your friend or sibling’s costumes from years past? Borrow it and maybe give one of yours to them.
  4. Create a Costume from Scratch. Use whatever you have to create a full-out Halloween costume all on your own. Maybe go the mummy route (see video below), or become a Spartan warrior or Halo Master Chief.

If nothing has sparked your interest yet, maybe one of the costumes below will.

Photo Credits: Perry the Platypus — Agent P by Dot D via flickr (CC license); Borat by San Diego Shooter via flickr (CC license); Little Red Riding Hood by kharied via flickr (CC license); Jack Sparrow by San Diego Shooter via flickr (CC license); Wolverine by San Diego Shooter via flickr (CC license); Amy Winehouse by kíel via flickr (CC license); Aquaman and Green Lantern by Clinton Steeds via flickr (CC license); Cardboard Gundam by kid static via flickr (CC license); Plant People by mthomps00 via flickr (CC license); Karate Kid by San Diego Shooter via flickr (CC license)

2 thoughts on “Halloween Costumes for Greenies [PHOTOS]”

    1. @Noppse: the 4 tips are specifically aimed at not buying another costume, cutting consumption. the photos are ideas for homemade, low or no-consumption costumes… bot sure how you could miss that

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