Growing E-Waste Epidemic (Infographic)

E-waste isn’t a topic we cover often here on Planetsave, but it’s a big one. Where do you think all your electronics go when they get old (‘old’ being a couple of years these days)? We don’t like to think about it, but it’s important.

A reader recently shared the great e-waste infographic below with me. Before sharing it with you all, though, here’s some useful information from the e-waste post it came from:

“If you have any old IT equipment taking up space in your office, then give us a call at 713.430.2182. We may be able to help you clear out your old E-waste in a responsible, eco-friendly way!”

Now that you’ve jotted down that number (do it), here’s the infographic:

e-waste infographic

2 thoughts on “Growing E-Waste Epidemic (Infographic)”

  1. Wow. I had no idea we threw out so much electronics. Especially considering I just chunked an old TV a few weeks ago. I wish I would’ve seen this before I did that. Will have to look up some local e-waste recyclers.

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