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In today’s economy, it can be very expensive just to stock up on essential supplies such as sanitary items and food. Food is a necessity, required to live, but in this day and age, the prices are becoming downright outrageous, especially if you choose to buy organic.

A good way to avoid breaking your wallet and staying organic is to grow your own fresh fruit and vegetables in your own backyard. A garden is an excellent way to cultivate your gardening skills, as well as grow your own fresh produce — for a relatively small fraction of the price that it costs to buy the same produce in the store.

Below we will discuss some simple, convenient fruits and veggies that you can plant and grow in order to have on hand any time you crave fresh, organic produce.


There is perhaps nothing more tasty than a carrot plucked fresh from the ground. Carrots are a root crop chock full of Vitamin A, making them a healthy snack or ingredient for any recipe.Carrots are fairly easy to maintain and cultivate in a home garden, and can be grown all year round, as they fair well in colder weather. A great time to plant carrots is in early Spring, Fall, or even Winter.


Tomatoes are another easy plant to cultivate, and thrive best when grown in direct sunlight. Tomato plants should typically be planted in the Spring or early Summer, as they are a Summer fruit. Tomato plants can be planted from seed or transferred from pots into the ground.

Simply set up a cage around each plant, make sure your plants get at least 4-8 hours of sunlight, and water your plants each day. It’s rare that a tomato plant fails, as long as it receives adequate sunlight and water.

You’ll be sure to enjoy the tons of juicy, fresh tomatoes picked fresh from your tomato vines — after all, who wouldn’t enjoy a delicious, a plump, red, home-grown tomato.


Potatoes are another root plant that are quite simple to grow. Simply plant a potato in the ground and it will sprout into multiple potatoes. The potato is really a self-sufficient root; plant one in your yard and more will grow. You can make tons of recipes from potatoes alone.


Pumpkins are another plant that does extremely well in direct sunlight. You can plant pumpkin seeds as early as Spring. Although, they fair best when planted in mid to late Spring.

Pumpkins are a gourd which have multiple uses — not only can you eat them, but they are also common decorative pieces for Autumn.

They are easy to grow. Although, beware of where you plant them — their vines have been known to curl around objects and pull themselves up in an attempt to get closer to the sun.

These are but a few ideas of the types of fruits and vegetables you can plant in your home garden. Remember, as long as your plants receive plenty of sunshine, water, and a little love, you will be set on fresh fruits and veggies for a good chunk out of the year.

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