GREENCAST: 27,000 Abandoned Wells in Gulf of Mexico, Arsenic in Utah Kids' Pee, Climate Change Funding in the FY2011 Budget…

screencast of green news from around the internet

Here is our latest “greencast’ of green news from around the internet.

Check out our summary of these 10 green news stories in high-definition via screenr or on YouTube below.


Links to the stories mentioned in the greencast are as follows:

1. Abandoned oil wells make Gulf of Mexico ‘environmental minefield’
2. Queen Calls on UN to Tackle Poverty, Climate Change
3. Want a party? Kick cars off the street in Oakland
4. Arsenic found in Utah kids’ pee traced to their pet chickens’ feed
5. Bill to slash Amazon protection passes crucial vote
6. EU Bans Illegal Timber
7. Moratorium to prevent Amazon destruction for soya extended
8. Look Inside the FY2011 Budget Reveals Climate Change Funding
9. Italy Beats USA With 3 Times as Much Solar Installed Using Feed-in Tariffs
10. Invest in Communities and Still Outperform the Market

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