Green Work Habits That You May Not Have Thought About

As thousands of people try to “go green” in an attempt to help the environment and our natural resources, there are various ways to help out that you may not have considered yet.

No matter where you are, there are always things you can add into your daily routine in order to help a little more. When you’re at work, you can slightly adjust the way you do certain things in order to save energy, protect the environment, and go green.

Save Energy by Altering Electrical Devices

Green Work Habits

By switching off your computer when you’re not using it, just think how much energy you can save over a year! It’s often easier to leave your computer on when you go on your lunch break or skip out to get a quick coffee. However, it all adds up eventually.

If you feel that you use your computer almost all the time that you are at work, try switching it to “power saver” and other such options. This will make sure that your computer uses less energy. As statistics show that more than $1 billion is wasted each year in energy from computers in the work place, you’ll be saving energy and money and helping the environment all at the same time.

Use Recycled Paper

It may be a little bit more expensive, but purchasing paper that has been recycled means that you’re giving money to a worthy cause.

You can go green by replacing any paper that you use for your printer, to write notes on, maintain a calendar or simply to take down a telephone number. By replacing it with recycled paper, you are helping the environment and providing funds for people who make paper from recycled materials.

Recycle Your Rubbish

Green Work Habits

While it’s often so much easier to simply throw your empty cans and packets into the rubbish bin, going that extra mile (or few feet) and recycling them can be a very good habit to get into. Most people can’t be bothered to walk a little farther to the recycling box, but by doing that, you’re getting into a good green work habit and you’re also doing some extra exercise by walking further than the litter bin!

Switch off Lights

You’ve probably gotten into the habit of walking out of your office without turning the light off. However, think of how much energy will be saved as a result of switching them off each time you vacate the office. Additionally, keep an eye out for other people who have left lights on and make a point of going over and switching their lights off too!

Most people enjoy a little extra light in the workplace even when daylight is coming through, but you can save energy by only turning the lights on when it’s absolutely necessary. Alternatively, you could have a small desk lamp that uses less energy if you feel your office is too dark during the day.

Use Less Paper

When you need to use paper, the best option is to use recycled paper. However, the most green thing to do is to avoid using paper altogether, or, at least, whenever possible. Before you click “print” on your computer, think about whether you’re using the paper in the most effective way. You might find that you could fit something else on the piece of paper before printing; in this case, you won’t have to use two different pieces of paper.

Reuse Plates and Cups

Green Work Habits

It’s so much easier to use paper plates and cups and simply throw them in the litter bin after you’ve finished with them, but it’s not the most green thing to do. If you regularly have a drink while you’re at work, get a few mugs and use them over and over. You’ll be minimizing the rubbish and getting into a very good habit. Try and encourage your colleagues to do the same and you’ll notice a massive decrease in the rubbish thrown away!

Put Some Plants in the Office

Green Work Habits

Plants will reduce the amount of indoor air pollution, and because of this, buying some plants is the ultimate way to go green and brighten up your office. Plants are good for you as well, as they release oxygen during photosynthesis.

Travel in a Different Way

If you drive to work each day, try setting aside one day during the week to take the train, take the bus bus, or even cycle to work. If you live close enough, you might even want to consider walking to work. This has many benefits, as you’re not polluting the air with a motor vehicle and you’re getting some good exercise, which will make you feel better!

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