Green-Planet-Inspired Art

A green planet is a planet that is going to last longer and remain healthier because it involves recycling, reusing, and reducing to create a safer, happier and healthier environment. Many art projects are now taking on a green or eco-friendly focus because people want to place more emphasis on being sustainable and environmentally aware.

Green-planet-inspired art can really have a profound impact on the people who view it, not only because it take its inspiration from the planet but also because it utilizes recycling and promotes the practice at the same time.

1. Art With Renewable Resources


Green planet art

Image via Flickr

Any art project that incorporates renewable resources is going to inspire thoughts of green living and an eco-friendly lifestyle. Renewable resources are resources that are not going to be depleted easily when they are sourced for building projects. Some examples include clay bricks for building and bamboo, as both are easily regenerated and are not in danger of being lost.

This is preferable to using wood from trees that are being depleted more quickly than they can be replanted, for example. Using renewable resources like wind and solar energy in place of artificially generated energy is always going to create a green planet inspired art project.

2. Art With Recycled Resources


Green planet art

Image via DIY Pencil Crayon Jewelry

Using recycled resources is another great way to make a statement with your green-planet-inspired art project. Use paper that has already been used once, or source wood from furniture and other building materials that are no longer being used.

Rather than allowing these useful materials to go to the dump where they will never see use again, you can source them for your art project and that act alone will have a profoundly positive impact on your ability to create green-planet-inspired art that has a message people can clearly decipher and understand.

3. Art That Makes a Statement


Green planet art

Image via Egg Carton Flowers

Above all else, your green-planet-inspired art projects needs to be capable of making a statement. People who view your art project need to be able to tell that you are utilizing recycled and renewable resources in an attempt to create an eco-friendly and green art project.

When people who view your piece can tell exactly where your inspiration came from, then that is when they will really be able to get the full effect of the statement or message that you are trying to share with them. Green and eco-friendly artwork should always be capable of making a statement or sharing a message in order for its primary purpose to be clear to those viewing it.

These are just some of the ways that you can create or contribute to art that is inspired by the notion of a green planet. Green-planet-inspired art is a great concept because not only is it green and eco-friendly in nature, but it also makes a bold statement about going green and utilizing more environmentally sustainable practices in all aspects of your life. Have you seen any green planet inspired artwork that made you rethink your environmental outlook lately?


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