Green Living Tip: Cut the Junk Snail Mail

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Unneeded junk mail is one of the most annoying things to me, and it’s super not green. Luckily, a number of services have popped up to help you and me (and many more) cut our junk mail. I was contacted by representatives from a few of these companies recently and, while I’m not really sure which to recommend as the best, figured I’d mention all three in a post and see if anyone has more info to share.


Pretty straightforward site… you can change your mailing address on here for free (good to know) and you can pay $15 (every 3 years) to:

  • Opt-out of all the major marketing lists
  • Create a spam filter for your paper mail
  • Prevent unauthorized mailers from accessing your address

2. Catalog Choice

This service allows residents to control who can send you unsolicited mail. On Catalog Choice, you can:

  1. “Control the catalogs, coupons, credit offers, phone books, fliers, circulars, newsletters, and other unsolicited mail you receive” using a handy search (and eliminate) option.
  2. “Donate $20 or more to Catalog Choice to receive its unlisting service, removing you from lists bought and sold by marketers.”

3. Zumbox

Similar to the above:

  • Receive, manage and store all your postal mail digitally in one place
  • Access your postal mail from anywhere at anytime
  • View and pay your bills securely from one location

When we posted on Zumbox in the past, had a commenter concerned that in the Terms & Conditions Zumbox says it could change the fee (from free to whatever) at anytime. I imagine that’s standard legal language and nothing to be concerned about, but maybe I’m wrong.

Which do you think is the best option?

Any experience using any of these?

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