Go Micro-Wind (Going Green Tip #11)

photo of micro-wind turbine

So, we’ve covered solar energy and microhydro energy in this Going Green Tips series. Here’s one more small-scale energy option: micro-wind.

Like microhydro, micro-wind isn’t an option many people think of or look into when they are thinking of ways to green their energy supply. But it is a real option and perhaps even the best option for some people. Here are a few key notes on micro-wind:

  • Like micro-hydro, your location is quite important. Do you have wind resources? What wind speeds do you get on a regular basis in the place where you live or work? These are things to figure out before you go much further.
  • There are quite a number of micro-wind turbines out there. And they aren’t all built the same. Look for as many independent reviews of micro-wind turbines as you can, don’t just go with the first one you find and don’t just go off of the claims made by the micro-wind companies.. you know how companies are.
  • While micro-wind is an option, it is still less efficient than solar energy in most situations. Why do you think they make wind turbines so tall? The good, consistent winds you need to make energy efficiently are up high. Unless you’re in an excellent location, the current technology available to you may not be worth the cost (i.e. may not be competitive with other clean energy options). Again, bullet-point number one is very important.
  • As with solar energy, wind energy is a fast-expanding market and technological advancements are being worked on every day. Keep an eye on new micro-wind technologies and news.

With great new innovations in micro-wind ownership and micro-wind design, this energy source is is becoming much more accessible to normal folks. The internet is amazing and there is a ton more information on micro-wind available. Look into it. Chat with micro-wind users… And let us know if you have something to add in the comments below.

Also, if you have enough space and the right conditions, maybe you could put a full-blown wind turbine on your property (no pun intended). You can look into your options on that front with a relatively new, free wind energy app for the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad (coming to more smart phones soon). This wind energy app comes from wind energy giant Vestas – they know what they’re talking about.

Photo Credit: tswind via flickr (CC license)

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