Global Warming — What If It’s a Big Hoax [CARTOON]

is global warming a hoax, & what if

Of course, I wouldn’t endorse that ridiculous claim that global warming is a hoax for a second. The science is clear. However, even if you were completely confused about this matter, what would be the point of not working to improve our society with clean energy, more jobs, clean water and air, a better quality of life, greater national security and energy independence, more biodiversity, and so on?

Anyway, I just summarized the great cartoon above. (If only more people & politicians got it.)

Cartoon via Climate Denial Crock of the Week

1 thought on “Global Warming — What If It’s a Big Hoax [CARTOON]”

  1. I know from experience that nothing good can arise from false premises, but
    let us think :

    Energy independence? – that is rubbish – solar
    and wind are unpredictabel and costly sources of energy

    Preserve rainforest ? Forget it –
    biofuels will wipe them off,

    Sustainability? what is so sustainable in the extortion of money from
    productive taxpayers in the West and North to the pockets of dictators in
    the Third World?

    Green Jobs? Its a
    laugh! They are created mostly in Chinese sweat
    factories and financed by taxes paid by the poor in the West!

    Renewables? that is another rubbish – there is no renewable
    lithium or other rare metals – the key materials
    for so called green technologies!

    Clean water? Air? That is completely out the topic – carbon dioxide is
    harmless and beneficiary even, the rest of pollution is independent form
    technology – so called green technologies also pollute, but in other ways,

    Healthy children? what a sentimentalist crap – what about the health of
    men and women – that is completely missed point,

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