Global Warming News: Communicating Climate Science, Desertification Greatest Planetary Threat, NASA Releases Global Warming Map, Climate Education for Kids

Global warming news of the week (other than what we reported already).

Desertification is Greatest Threat to Planet, Expert Warns

Desertification and land degradation is “the greatest environmental challenge of our time” and “a threat to global wellbeing”, according to the UN’s top drylands official, Luc Gnacadja, who says people must be paid via global carbon markets for preserving the soil.

Alan Alda Brings Passion for Communicating Science to Brookhaven Lab

The science of climate change and even the scientists themselves are under attack from a well-orchestrated and well-oiled misinformation campaign.  The best defense against this anti-science offensive is to make sure that the correct message reaches a wide audience.  Chris Mooney & Sheril Kirshenbaum in their bookUnscientific America: How Scientific Illiteracy Threatens our Future explain that scientists have failed to get their message across for a variety of reasons but mostly because we are not engaging the public on their turf.  After reading that book, I became a climate change science education advocate with my Global Warming: Man or Myth? Website, this blog, and more recently a Facebook Fan Group called Global Warming Fact of the Day.  I have two small children and I do not like the future that I see for them or for their children in a human-driven warmer world.   As I travel the blogosphere and as I watch television, it is quite apparent that Moody & Kirshenbaum are on to something.  Scientists have fallen quite short of being the expert communicators that they must be for no less a reason than our future is at stake.  Obviously we have much to learn….

Climate Education Site for Children: Part I

Recently, my daughter Grace (6) has been begging me to sign her up for Disney’s “Friends of Change” to help save the planet.  When we signed up, I thought it would have some educational information as to what causes climate change. But it doesn’t, just some brief videos from Disney stars on how to recycle and pledges to sign.  Which is great, but it really didn’t motivate her to do anything like I thought it would.

So I started to search the web for kids Climate Education websites and the best one I found was the European Unions website. It has videos of actual wind farms, hydro plants, biomass and bio-fuels. Also, tons of learning games for kids to play that teaches them the causes of Climate Change. The site has information on what fossil fuels are and how they effect our planet….

Canada’s Attempt to Block U.S. Carbon Regulations

The Tyee, an “independent daily online magazine” based in British Columbia, Canada has a two-part series on how Canada is trying to push their dirty tar sands oil and  block US regulations to clean up our fuels….

Geoff Dembicki’s first story reveals how Alberta, Ottawa and oil sands corporations are teaming to oppose climate change laws across America.

Lonnie Thompson on why climatologists are speaking out: “Virtually all of us are now convinced that global warming poses a clear and present danger to civilization”

That bold statement may seem like hyperbole, but there is now a very clear pattern in the scientific evidence documenting that the earth is warming, that warming is due largely to human activity, that warming is causing important changes in climate, and that rapid and potentially catastrophic changes in the near future are very possible. This pattern emerges not, as is so often suggested, simply from computer simulations, but from the weight and balance of the empirical evidence as well….

Review: Climatopolis: How our cities will thrive in the hotter future by Matthew Kahn is not a good book

Memo to economists: Please read the scientific literature before opining on the impacts of global warming….

NASA Releases Global Warming Map

NASA has released a new analysis of temperature change.

The map shows temperature anomalies for 2000-2009 and 1970-1979 relative to a 1951-1980 baseline….

Image Credits: Horizon; Random Tree; NASA images by Robert Simmon, based on data from the Goddard Institute for Space Studies.

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