10 Awesome Global Warming Denier Cartoons

Here are 10 top global warming denier cartoons from around:

global warming hoax
By Mike Smith via the Cartoonist Group
global warming head in sand
By Clay Bennett via the Cartoonist Group
global warming hell cartoon
By Mike Luckovich, From the Cartoonist Group.
Via Washington Post (great post by Toles, too).

global warming deniers cartoon

liar liar
By Alex Hallatt from the Cartoonist Group
By Mike Luckovich
By Stephanie McMillan

h/t Climate Progress & Global Warming is Real



1 thought on “10 Awesome Global Warming Denier Cartoons”

  1. Great comics. A lot of people are still in denial about global warming issues. We just need to keep working on making this planet healthier to help overcome speeding up global warming.

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