Global Meditation (Crowdfund It?)

I’m a huge fan of meditation, but mostly of a truly spiritual nature. Nonetheless, meditation aimed at calming yourself down a bit, bringing more peace to your life, and even helping the world is still good. Many studies have found meditation to be useful for those aims.

A new crowdfunding campaign is looking to get funding for a global meditation event aimed out “raise the collective consciousness of the globe.” Not the worst of aims, eh?

Why would you need funding for this? It’s just meditation, right? Well, if the aim is to make it a global event, a lot of work must be put into organizing it, advertising it, developing and hosting online tools for education, collaboration, etc. Money. And the folks behind it, Saagara, actually want to organize and promote many events.

If you want to learn more or help fund this campaign, head on over to the IndieGogo page for it. Or, here’s a video for a bit more info:

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