Glass Straws Help Keep You Green And Refreshed

In an effort to be more green, many of us have started toting reusable plastic or aluminum water bottles around with us instead of buying bottled water on the go. Choosing reusable items over products that have to be recycled is one of the best things we can do for our planet. Recycling is good but not having to recycle at all is even better.

Now, straws (yes, those one-use items commonly made of plastic that usually end up in landfills) have gone green too! Glass straws are reusable, beautiful and all the rage right now. Several glass straws on the market are “designer” in nature with fun, festive and creative stylings making your glass straw unique and lovely.

Glass straws also come in all different sizes, making them perfect for whatever beverage you’re drinking: fresh juice, cocktails, sodas, smoothies, milkshakes, iced coffee or iced tea.

Sure you could just forgo the straw and drink out of your glass to be a bit more eco-conscious, but let’s be honest: Sipping a beverage through a straw is so much more enjoyable. Nothing beats drinking a cold beverage through a straw!

Glass straws also come in a variety of different widths and lengths, including special straws designed just for kids and little hands. Several glass straw companies also offer a tilted straw form, giving you maximum comfort when drinking. Even most plastic straws can’t offer that! It’s the feel of an accordion straw without the plastic!

Although made from glass, glass straws are quite durable, and many glass straw companies provide a guarantee against breakage. Glass straws are also affordable, costing around $7 a piece. Not bad for a handcrafted product made in the United States!

Unlike plastic straws, glass straws are also safe to use with hot beverages. You don’t have to worry about the hot contents of your drink causing toxins to leach into your beverage.

The reusable nature of glass straws also ensures straws won’t pile up in overtaxed landfills. Every effort we make to be a little more environmentally conscious matters and carrying your own plastic straw is an easy way to be more green!

To make sure I always have a glass straw on hand, I keep an extra glass straw in a reusable bag next to the Garage Door opener in my car. This ensures I always have access to a glass straw, whether I need to stick one in my iced coffee on the way into the office or into my soda pop when I’m sipping a beverage while driving. I also grab my straw anytime I leave the car so I have it with me when I’m meeting friends for lunch or grabbing drinks with colleagues after dinner. Everyone always compliments my beautiful straw and overtime I use it I feel good about my green commitment.

Image Source: Strawesome

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