Germany Green Electricity: 130MW Of Solar Bids Won In Fifth Solar Auction

This August Germany’s Federal Network Agency has arranged the fifth solar auction, allocating 130 MW of green electricity to 25 bids.

Germany PV plant
The Federal Network Agency offered 125 MW for its fifth solar auction yet it was oversubscribed by 62 bids for a total of 311 MW tendered, reported PV Magazine. Of the bidding action, 25 projects won the bids and the Agency has allocated 130MW to them.

The average bid amount was €0.0723/kWh, lower than €0.0741/kWh in the fourth auction held In April. in August and finally allocated 130MW to 25 bids.

“The price decline was evidence of the effective competition between ground-mounted PV systems,” said Federal Network Agency Jochen Homann.

The graphic below, published in April, depicts the ongoing decline in solar photovoltaic pricing.

Germany solar auctions graphic image1-2In addition, the agency employed the “pay-as-bid” system, meaning that the bid price offered is paid for electricity produced by the winning PV project. The highest winning bid was below €0.08/kWh, according to the Agency.

The Garman PV market has entered into a balance after the rapid installation growth in previous year. The nation added approximately 513MW of solar in the first six months of 2016, of which around 120MW were installed in June. Of that, about 90.48MW of newly registered PV systems in June were small-scale, and only 28.944MW were large-scale ground-mounted. EnergyTrend projects that Germany’s solar market will be at a steady level of 1~1.2GW per year in future.

We will continue reporting on activities in the German renewable electricity market.

Photo Source: Public Domain Pictures)

Graphic via Energy Transition

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