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George Carlin & Bill Moyers Nail the 1% & Wall Street.. Well before Occupy Wall Street Began

These are truly a must watch (if you are adverse to certain language, you might skip the first one):

  1. Michael R.

    Nice work finding these two great videos…I’m wondering what years these were produced/recorded…?
    I would add one exception to Carlin’s “They don’t care…” They do care if you buy their products/services (that’s what keeps them rich)…which is why boycotts are/can be quite effective in creating change outside of the political system….of course, as new, over-seas markets emerge, local boycotts may experience diminished impacts, which is why a growing class awareness (global) is so important, and so feared by the plutocrats…expect major push-back as this awareness spreads around the world…..

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