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Looking for good, free ecards for Valentine’s Day? I thought so. Below are a handful of sites with free Valentine’s cards that I think you and your special friend will love.

Last year, I wrote two posts on free Valentine’s ecards. The best sites for such cards are the same, in my opinion, so I’m just going to go ahead and combine the sites from those two posts in one—and here they are:


1. someecards: I don’t think anyone outdoes someecards when it comes to humor… at least at this point in time. Have a gander through its 113 Valentine’s cards for a gander at them, and a bunch of laughs.


free ecards valentines day cards

2. WWF: For simple and cute cards with a cause, it’s hard to outdo WWF. It’s got 9 free ecards for Valentine’s Day with some of the cutest animals on the planet and lines that are just cheesy enough to be cute and funny, without being so cheesy that they can’t be sent.


3. The Nature Conservancy: The Nature Conservancy’s cards don’t include any cutesy lines, if you prefer stand-alone beauties and your own note on the side, and its 10 options include some of the most heart-melting pictures of animal couples I’ve ever seen.


4. Blue Mountain: Blue Mountain seems to have shaken up its offerings this year, with some cute and fun and beautiful Valentine’s ecards.


5. National Geographic Kids: This site offers “create your own” Valentine’s cards if you’re the more creative type (and a kid). Of course, you could always actually create your own ecard, from “scratch”—handmade is still as precious as it used to be,… I think.


6. Care2: Of course, Care2 has its own special brand of ecards, and offers up dozens for Valentine’s Day. They’re not my favorite, but I know many folks love them.


7. Hallmark & American Greetings: If you’re into traditional, old-fashioned cards, Hallmark and American Greetings have your back. They could never compare to someecards for me, but to each their own!


Hope in this list of 7, you found some wonderful free ecards for Valentine’s Day! Have more Valentine’s cards to share? Insert comment below!


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