Free Ecards for Valentine's Day (More of Them!)

I wrote about a number of good places to get free ecards for Valentine’s Day yesterday, but since then I’ve decided to dig around a little more and see what else I could find. I ran into a few green or at least interesting sites offering cool, free ecards for Valentine’s Day and so decided to write an update to include these.

The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy, another one of my absolute favorite organizations (they actually go out there and buy the land that needs to be conserved), offers some beautiful ecards. Never knew it! Including some for Valentine’s Day with adorable animal pictures. Who said animals don’t have feelings?! Look at those photos and decide if you could ever claim such a thing.

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids offers the ability to create your own cool, free ecard. The service is called Zipper’s Puppy Love.

Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain offers a number of beautiful ecards from a variety of talented artists. You can learn more about the artists on the site and view each of their individual galleries as well.

Traditional Ones from Hallmark and American Greetings

If you’re more into more traditional cards from the likes of Hallmark or American Greetings, it’s worth noting that they also offer free ecards for Valentine’s Day now. Just follow the links above to check out their free ecard galleries (the links send you straight to their Valentine’s pages).

Note that these, and some of the other sites, charge for sending their “premium” cards. Don’t worry, you can’t be charged automatically, but worth noticing before you go perusing through for your favorites. Of course, some sites, like the ones I shared yesterday and the three at the top, offer all free cards all the time (as far as I’ve noticed).

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Image Credit: The Nature Conservancy

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