France Asks EU to Ban Monsanto's GM Corn


Following up on the news that genetically modified (GM) corn is potentially harmful to human cells (according to a new scientific study on the matter), France has formally asked the EU to ban Monsanto’s GM corn (though, it seems to not be because of this new study, but other matters).

France “originally banned the corn back in 2008, though it became the only GMO crop to receive EU approval at that time,” Becky Striepe of sister site Eat Drink Better writes.

“Of course, Monsanto fought back and in November they won, overturning the ban, but the French government isn’t giving up yet. They’re saying that the GM corn poses environmental risks and is asking the European Commission to ban the genetically engineered corn.”

This also, notably, comes just a short time after Monsanto was busted by the French courts for chemically poisoning a farmer.

Where will all this lead? Hopefully, for this and more GM crops being pulled out of Europe.

Photo: Anti-GMO protesters in France via David_Reverchon

2 thoughts on “France Asks EU to Ban Monsanto's GM Corn”

  1. The recent complete cave-in on the issue of GMO Alfalfa regulation – basically giving Monsanto and Forge complete freedom in the marketplace, is a serious blow to natural foods and American freedom to choose organic foods over so-called “frankenfoods.” Vilsack’s previous close ties to Monsanto may well be the reason of this regrettable decision to release GMO Alfalfa without regulation anywhere inside the USA.

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