Fox News Has Issue With Charts… & Reality

Via Daily Kos:

As you may have seen, yesterday Fox offered up this hilariously misleading chart of Obamacare’s enrollment progress:

Screenshot via Media Matters

The numbers on that chart said 6 million and 7 million, but visually, it was pure gibberish. According to the height of the bars, the ratio was actually 3:8. Making it worse, there wasn’t even a scale.

Well, today, Fox has apologized and issued a correction, saying the chart should have looked like this:

fox corrected obamacare chart
Screenshot via Media Matters

Indeed, the chart is now properly scaled—but before you go run off and congratulate Fox for doing the right thing their job, there’s one little thing they didn’t mention: The fact that Obamacare enrollments are now expected to hit that 7 million target (update @ 10:56 AM PT: WH spokesman Jay Carney just announced Obamacare enrollments have cleared the 7 million threshold), rendering the 6 million figure irrelevant—unless you want to talk about the big last minute surge of enrollment.

Bottom-line: Fox would rather issue corrections that allow them re-report outdated information than talk about what’s actually happening today with Obamacare. That’s not a good sign for the anti-Obamacare crusaders.

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