Find Energy-Efficiency Rebates & Other Incentives in Seconds (& Compare Your Energy Usage with Your Neighbors')

You can find energy-efficiency rebates and other incentives easily, in seconds, on a new website from Silicon-Valley-startup Ennovations. Yes, that means, no Googling for hours (or days) trying to find what options you have in your area.

Looking to retrofit your home a bit and make it more energy-efficient? Now you can save the most poossible money when doing so without wasting a ton of time.

Of course, you can visit the Ennovations site for more info, but you can also check out their system easily right here:

In addition to finding energy-efficiency rebates and other incentives, Ennovations also has a program letting you compare your energy bills to those of similar houses in your area. Check that out on the site.

Image: screenshot of Ennovations

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