Ethical Oil? (VIDEO)

While getting oil from the Saudi Arabia is not something I support, this ridiculous video (below) about “ethical oil” is trying to make my blood boil. I’m barely managing to keep my cool. If you think that getting oil from the tar sands of Canada could be ethical, check out this post: Tar Sands Oil Pipeline = Backwards Thinking (Humongous Climate Change Impact).

Here’s the completely deceitful video passed on to me via email:

“A choice we have to make”? Give me a break. We don’t HAVE TO be addicted to oil.

Yes, the oil industry is one of deceit, manipulation, and profit above all else, no matter where it is getting its oil from.

Fight back by getting on a bike or bus today and getting involved in politics.


2 thoughts on “Ethical Oil? (VIDEO)”

  1. Whoa, that’s both culturally insensitive and outrageously cheeky. First of all, showing hijab to make a visual case for oppression is culturally insensitive and insulting. I know women who choose to wear hijabs because it’s their culture just like women in the west choose to wear bikinis, not to placate men but because it’s their culture. Secondly, did this oil ad really ask us to give money to the oil lobby?? Really?

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