2010 Election Ads: Environmental Leaders and Failures

Timothy Hurst of ecopolitology and I went on a thorough search for the best and worst campaign ads of 2010 (as concerns the environment) recently. In other words, we compiled the best “pro-environment” ads and the most ridiculous “anti-environment” ads of the 2010 election season.

If you are interested in getting inspired, having a laugh, or just seeing the range of ways candidates are talking about the environment this year, head on over to ecopolitology (via the link above) to check all those out.

And just as a taster, here are few stand-out ads (2 good ones and then a WTF):

California, Vote “No” on Prop 23

Florida, Alex Sink for Governor


West Virginia, Joe Manchin for U.S. Senate

Say what?

This post is a quickie, a way for us to share more news with you by linking to good stories on other sites.

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