When You Elect A Con Man, You Probably Got Conned

The United States.

“We” elected a man who for decades has had a reputation as a con man. What could go wrong?…

♠ He talked about bringing all Americans health care — more affordable and cheaper health care. Turns out, after trying to push through a health care plan that would result in ~20 million Americans losing health insurance, and health insurance costs going up dramatically, even the Republican Party wouldn’t follow through on what it’s been saying for 7 years it would do immediately if it were put in power.

♠ After focusing insanely on potential corruption (mostly fake news) on the other side, Trump’s National Security Advisor had to resign in a record short time. Furthermore, Trump and his campaign team have had several seemingly corrupt connections to Russia, and he is under investigation by the FBI after the CIA found potential collusion with Russia to influence the US presidential election.

♠ After hyping “crony capitalism,” Trump has put his family members in White House positions they aren’t qualified for … and, well, he’s basically put them in charge of everything. This is all while he and they also run Trump’s hotel & branding business. They are breaking Constitutional rules and basic ethics, according to experts on the topic from the Republican and Democratic Party. It’s almost as if Trump wants to be impeached!

♠ After complaining, complaining, complaining about Obama playing golf and traveling, Trump has played much, much, much more golf and cost US taxpayers several times more money than Obama cost the US. He’s spending every weekend at his own property (calling it the “Winter White House” and “Southern White House”) and his wife is remaining at Trump Tower in New York City. That means the US is paying for Secret Service and US government staff to stay at hugely expensive Trump properties, literally sending millions and millions and millions of dollars straight to Trump’s business.


♠ Trump’s budget is utter insanity and horrible for the US. It will destroy US jobs and the economy. Trump wants to jack up military spending (even though we already spend more on the military than the next 7–8 countries combined) while cutting spending on basically everything that helps Americans (protection of our air and water, the Dept of Agriculture, the Labor Department, Health & Human Services, the Army Corps. of Engineers, the Education Department, the Commerce Department, the US Housing and Urban Development Department, the Transportation Department, the Interior Department, the Department of Energy, disaster relief, the Small Business Administration, the Department of Justice, NASA, the Treasury Department, PBS, the US Trade and Development Agency, and much, much more). In other words, Trump’s budget proposal is to cut an insane number of US jobs and services and instead put more money into expensive missiles, fighter jets, wars, and tax cuts for the super rich.

♠ Even for Trump voters who wanted Trump to ban Muslims (which is absurd, counterproductive, and unconstitutional), Trump’s team has been so inept that two executive orders on this have been blocked by the courts (because they’re unconstitutional). So, he’s even failed them!

Trump running for president was a joke to many … until it turned into a real possibility. Then, enough of the voting public fell for the tricks of one of the USA’s most infamous con men (well, 3 million fewer people than voted for Hillary Clinton, but nonetheless).

And we’re just about 3 months in. Ugh…


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