Eggs & Cigarettes Similarly Linked To Atherosclerosis (VIDEO) recently shared the video below regarding some recent studies related to the health effects of egg consumption, with this intro line: “A similar exponential increase in carotid artery plaque buildup was found for smokers and egg eaters.”

Before sharing the video, though, here’s the catchy reddit title that led me to the post: “Last year a Harvard study linked egg consumption to shortened life expectancy, so the egg industry tried to pay a Yale MD for a counter response. He refused. Then, someone hacked into a random doctor’s email while he was on vacation, and sent out a counter response in his name. Emails just found.”

On to the video:

Another thing that might get more people searching the term “vegan” on Google. If you’re interested in going vegan, by the way, sister site Eat Drink Better has a great “Eating Vegan” series that’s worth checking out.

Notably, egg consumption has been dropping off a cliff in recent years:

egg consumption u.s.

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