Eco-Friendly Luxury Bags From Passchal

If you are stay-at-home Dad and don’t like to carry a diaper bag with Zebras, Pooh-Bear or Disney babies, then Passchal has the bag for you. Passchal has come up with eco-friendly luxury bags made from discarded tractor tire inner tubes. Cool.

It all started when Ken Kobrick, an ex-welder, and Angela Greene, an inventor who doesn’t even carry a handbag, decided to dive headfirst into the incredibly competitive world of the accessories market.

The idea was born when Angela purchased a backpack made from inner tubes. Inspired to create their own collection they decided to take on the creative challenge of using discarded tractor tire inner tubes and converting them into high-end, luxury accessories.

Deciding to make a “green” impact on the accessories market was logical, because Kobrick and Greene are both committed to recycling, and they were passionate about creating products that were functional as well as unique and classic in design.

Passchal incorporates leather trim and sides to their rubber bags, keeping them lightweight and enabling the introduction of new colors and textures. In keeping with their eco-friendly beliefs, all leathers used are by-products, vegetable dyed and chrome free, and all bags are handcrafted using the highest quality hardware and materials available.

The inner tubes are collected in VA, Ohio, PA, TX and GA, and undergo a rigorous but environmentally friendly, multi-day cleaning process. To date, Passchal has recycled approximately 56 tons of inner tubes!

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Photo Credit:  Etolane via Flickr

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