Dr. Michael Mann on Climate Science & Climate Science Deniers (TED Talk)

This is an awesome TED Talk by climate scientist Michael Mann. If you’ve avoided learning about climate science, this is a great one to get a good quick picture of what we know (and why so many people don’t know what we know). Check it out:


2 thoughts on “Dr. Michael Mann on Climate Science & Climate Science Deniers (TED Talk)”

  1. To save earth we need to extract our inner Viking!
    The vikings enjoyed a celebrated bond with the earth, the land and surrounding nature. The modern lifestyle has greatly reduced our connection and symbiotic relationship with nature – consequently we may be standing at the brim of much destruction. The below link to a 2 minute film looks back at a time when our connection to the land meant great respect for nature as expressed by Icelandic viking poems that accompany the visuals from an ancient Scandinavian warrior burial site.


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