Does Apathy Really Exist? {VIDEO}

This is a tremendous talk and presentation, and does a great job questioning some common assumptions. Are we really apathetic, or do assumptions and systemic problems discouraging rather than encouraging participation make us seem or act apathetic?

The political parties part stuck out at me (well, they all did, but I want to expound on this part). As he noted, politicians find out what people care about; then, they tell them what they want to hear; the ones who convince the public of what they want to hear the best get into office; then, no one pays attention to the politicians’ actual actions and the politicians do whatever they want. How can we get this system to change? Pay attention and create more diversity and competition in the election process (i.e. govern ourselves a little more). If we don’t take a little more responsibility for ourselves, how can we really assume others are going to take responsibility for us and do what’s in our best interest?

Watch the video above, maybe twice, and share more of what you got out of it.

(Am I on an activism kick this week? You better bet I am, but I’m looking to make it more than this week, more of an ongoing focus of this site. Check out the links below for more on how, why, and for what purpose.)

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