Doctors Neal Barnard & John McDougall TED Talks: Health Benefits Of (& Natural Need For) Plant-Based Diets

Sister site Eat Drink Better recently shared some tremendous TED* talks by Dr. Neal Barnard and Dr. John McDougall. There are plenty of interesting facts presented, but they are so well presented by the two doctors that I’m just going to send you straight there.

Here’s the Dr. Neal Barnard talk (which, beyond focusing on diabetes, tackles the question of what humans are made to eat):

And here’s the Dr. John McDougall talk (which focuses on the benefits of starch):

Looks pretty clear to me — plant-based diets are the way to go if you want to be healthy and lean. Plant-based diets solve diabetes, obesity, and numerous other health problems plaguing Western society today… like nothing else can. Looking for a true solution to one of these health problems? Try out a plant-based diet! And let us know the results. A vegan diet can also help improve your skin.


*For anyone not familiar with TED or TEDx, here’s a good summary from Tanya over on Eat Drink Better:

TED is a nonprofit organization dedicated to highlighting and sharing ‘ideas worth spreading’ — originally focused on technology, entertainment, and design, its scope has spread to all domains of human endeavor. The designation ‘TEDx’ indicates an independently organized event, within the organization’s guidelines, rather than material presented at one of TED’s biannual conferences. TED video talks attract a global audience of millions.”

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