Discovery Channel Gets Slammed for 'Frozen Planet' CO2 Censorship (Over 11,000 Speak Out)

You would expect that the Discovery Channel would get the story straight on global warming and climate change, wouldn’t you? Well, it did, overseas, but when bringing its Frozen Planet episode “On Thin Ice” to the US, it decides to edit out mention of human-caused global warming.

“The show’s producer told the New York Timesshe didn’t want people saying “don’t watch this show because it has a slant on climate change” – illustrating everything wrong with the conversation around climate change in America,” Brad Johnson writes on Climate Progress.

But Johnson and his team at Forecast the Facts is trying to do something about that.

“This afternoon, I and other members of Forecast the Facts delivered a petition to the Discovery offices with 10,000 signatures demanding the organization correct this unscientific self-censorship.”

Going on: “It is an essential fact that burning fossil fuels is the cause of the melting poles. As Bill McKibben noted, “On Thin Ice” is no different than a documentary on the ravages of lung cancer that censored mention of cigarettes. The pursuit of profit is not a valid excuse for the censorship of science. Neither is the fear of reprisal from well funded polluters.”

Absurd that anyone even has to say that? Yes, probably, but this is the world we live in….

To add your voice to the letter to Discovery Channel Founder and Chairman John S. Hendricks and help Forecast the Facts reach its target of 15,000 signatures, sign the petition here!!

Image via Forecast the Facts petition

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