Dirtiest Clean Place on Earth

The Arctic may be the dirtiest clean place on Earth, and it’s affecting the animals that live there. With only a few locations that directly pollute the area, it would seem from the outset that there could be no problem. But pollutants are finding their way into the food chain and causing untold harm to numerous animal species.

Researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) are working on two projects that come at this riddle from different directions in an effort to help.

“Bear Health” looks at how the combined stresses of toxic pollution and climate change are affecting the health of the polar bear, while “Contaminants in Polar Regions” is examining the uptake and transfer of contaminants in food webs.

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology has a great run-down on both programs which will do a much better job of outlining the role and importance of these programs for the near future. Make sure to check them out and to keep coming back to Planetsave for further information in the future.

Source: Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Image Source: flickrfavourites

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