Did Climate Scientists Change from "Global Warming" to "Climate Change"? Heck No

As Sinclair shows:

1. The term “Climate Change” has been around longer than the term “Global Warming.”
2. Rather than climate scientists and those concerned with global warming steering us towards the term “climate change,” it was actually a key Republican pollster and linguist, Frank Luntz, who did so (counter to what many “global warming deniers” will tell you).
3. The attack on scientific consensus regarding global warming is political, based on the demands of certain members of the energy industry and business community (who can’t see past the end of their noses or budgets)….

Much better than I could summarize it, however, Peter Sinclair nails this topic (as he does with so many climate science myths).

11 thoughts on “Did Climate Scientists Change from "Global Warming" to "Climate Change"? Heck No”

  1. i know this is an old post , but if your reading this Zachary Shahan , question for you…

    what are people supposed to do?? the ” supposed ” doomsday date is approaching fast and in only a few months ( weather or not it will really happen or not , no one knows for sure … or what ) people are going to be freaking out and creating theire own chaos in all cities across the globe…..

    so again i ask what are the normal everyday person supposed to do or prepare for??? i personally think that if the world is gonna go ” apocalypse ” its gonna be so big that no one will be able to survive at all . god or no god , now if it isn’t going to happen and people just go ” mad max ” because they believe things are going to down the shit hole , then there will be massive damage done to everything around and it will be at least a few months before things start to come back to normal

    i think I’m gonna try to do my best to get out of the massive town I’m in , and try to find some safe little cabin in the middle of the woods away from all the possible crazys

  2. Biggest problem with this statement is that the internet stores data. It proves Mr Sinclair wrong. And if you look at who is investing most in AGW, you find it’s big energy. They are making a fortune from the subsidies. After all, AGW is a trillion dollar industry.

    1. Peter, as is always the case with such denialist comments, where is your proof? & seriously, if you want to look at the data, it is clear. but denialists even claim the data collected by numerous agencies all over the world for decades is completely wrong and a fraud. what is there to do when people are convinced the world is flat bcs they can stand on it? (i.e. the world isn’t warming bcs they don’t feel it at the moment)

    1. suyts, i very quickly (considering yesterday was New Year’s Eve) received, approved, and replied to your comment. hold your accusations that we are censoring you for a few hours, please..

  3. Please note, Zach, that I’m not calling you a liar. Only that you’ve been told a lie and you believed it. Don’t just take my word for it, click on the link. Research the companies. Notice the advocacy groups in the membership role. The EDF and Shell are on the same team. Which is playing on the same team as GE. Money makes strange bed-fellows, does it not?

    1. well, replied to this above already. there is no doubt that more and more big companies who you may not trust are going to get on board in the coming years,… bcs this problem is not going away & the scientific proof (which I keep up with very thoroughly) gets more and more irrefutable (as if it hasn’t been for years!)

  4. “The attack on scientific consensus regarding global warming is political, based on the demands of certain members of the energy industry and business community (who can’t see past the end of their noses or budgets)….”

    One lie after another. Go here, http://www.us-cap.org/ This is a climate change advocacy group. Here is their membership.

    * AES
    * Alcoa
    * Alstom
    * Boston Scientific Corporation
    * Chrysler
    * The Dow Chemical Company
    * Duke Energy
    * DuPont
    * Environmental Defense Fund
    * Exelon Corporation
    * Ford Motor Company
    * General Electric
    * General Motors Company
    * Honeywell
    * Johnson & Johnson
    * Natural Resources Defense Council
    * NextEra Energy
    * NRG Energy
    * PepsiCo
    * Pew Center on Global Climate Change
    * PG&E Corporation
    * PNM Resources
    * Rio Tinto
    * Shell
    * Siemens Corporation
    * The Nature Conservancy
    * Weyerhaeuser
    * World Resources Institute

    Prior to March 2010, BP, Conoco, and Caterpillar were part of the group too. You see any “power” companies?

    1. suyts, I’m very aware of who is advocating that we address global warming. this list has grown and grown over the years, and I’ve watched is grow. because the obvious fact that we are driving full speed toward a brick wall is clear. & yes, a number of energy companies have gotten on board in recent years as they have come up with some ways of addressing climate change without going out of business. inaction is still primarily due to extremely powerful oil and coal companies that are having a much more difficult way to admit and avoid catastrophic climate change without losing business. unfortunately, they are holding the whole world hostage in the process

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