Daily Show Hosts EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson {VIDEOS}

There was a great Daily Show episode last week (I know, they’re always great) that helped the public to understand the EPA’s great importance (which the public is apparently already aware of, based on every poll on the matter) and the attacks it has been facing. Jon Stewart did a good job helping Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator Lisa P. Jackson make some important points that need to be heard while having a bit of fun as well.

As anyone who reads Planetsave regularly knows, the current GOP is attacking the EPA as if it were the devil. Yes, the EPA which was created under a Republican President that ensures our air and water stay (relatively) clean.

Leading Republicans have flat-out said that they want to attack the EPA, defund it, replace it, and more. Why?

Well, I think we all know, they are funded by Big Oil, Big Coal, and other Big Polluters that profit at the cost of the American public and want to profit even more so at an even greater cost to the American public.

Unfortunately, the attack is as strong as ever, but the good news is that we have some good, strong people keeping the EPA in place and rolling strong, not the least of whom is Lisa Jackson. As she is good to show in the videos here, EPA regulations that ensure clean air and water and a livable climate create jobs and save us trillions of dollars. Watch her and Stewart in the great and funny interview in the videos above and below.

h/t TreeHugger

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