Cut Your Electric Bill with a Programmable Thermostat this Summer

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As the price of electric goes up, more people are looking for ways to reduce their power bill. One of the largest consumers of electricity in our households is the heating and cooling system.

Although it keeps us warm in the winter and cool in the summer, in order to stay comfortable in our homes we must suffer paying high bills to the power companies for this luxury. While going without a heating or cooling system is just not pratical to most people, one easy and convenient way to tackle this problem is to invest in an updated programmable thermostat. Check out the results of this recent study in Oklahoma:

A test group of 2,500 residences in Oklahoma managed to curb their peak household energy consumption by up to 33% with the help of websites and simple gadgets that display energy-use levels.

In particular, the homes that used the Smart Thermostat had the greatest energy reduction: 57%. It’s a user-friendly system that self-adjusts and even incorporates a smart phone app for away-from-home control. (Similar systems already exist for those who want to improve their home’s energy consumption on their own.)

The study, carried out by Oklahoma Gas & Electric (OG&E) last summer, is a promising indication that consumers want to be greener, says OG&E managing director Ken Grant: “In addition to saving on their bills, participants tell us that they generally like being more aware of their energy use and costs,” he said. “Some preprogrammed their thermostats to respond to higher peak prices. Some simply put a note on the refrigerator as a reminder, and others graphed their energy use along with temperatures to identify ways to better manage their electricity.”

The average single-family home would save $180/year on their electric bills with one of these little guys. Of course, it would cut your CO2 emissions significantly as well.

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