Crowdsourced Short Film — Declaration of Interdependence

Check out this beautiful video, “A Declaration of Interdependence,” a crowd-sourced short film for social change by award-winning filmmaker Tiffany Shlain (Connected) and featuring music by Moby:

Beautiful, eh?

More from the person who emailed it to me:

Seeking to spark a global movement aimed at collaboratively solving cross-border issues like climate change and economic inequality, the crowd-sourced video features dozens of people from around the world declaring their interdependence in languages from English, French, Mandarin, and Arabic to Swahili, Hebrew, and ASL (American Sign Language).

The film culminates with a call to action inviting viewers to declare their interdependence on an interactive map pinpointing their location.

Go to Let it Ripple (same link as above) to add yourself to the map of interdependence or you can do it below:


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