Crazy Environmental & Global Warming Politics News {Weekly Round-Up}

As always, there has been a lot of crazy environmental (or anti-environmental) and climate change political news over the past week. Here’s a weekly link drop of what I thought were the top stories:

  1. House GOP Vote To Block Army Corps Of Engineers From Planning For Climate Change
  2. Fred Upton Pushes Vote to Kill His Own Light Bulb Efficiency Standards
  3. Report: Repeal of Lighting Standards Would Jeopardize $12.5 Billion in Consumer Savings
  4. How Many Republicans Does It Take to Screw Up Our Light Bulb Savings?
  5. In These Times Publishes Exposé Of Koch-ALEC Plan To Privatize Government And Destroy Public Services
  6. Exclusive: Al Gore On His ‘Climate Realilty Project’ Launch: “It’s Urgent To Rendezvous With Reality To Save The Future Of Civilization As We Know It.”
  7. GOP’s Accomplishments This Year: Styrofoam Cups, Little Else
  8. GOP Wants To Slash EPA Funding To 1990s Levels, Slash Funds For Oil Spill Prevention
  9. Australian government unveils radical carbon tax plan
  10. GOP Pushes Bill Giving Czarlike Powers To Department Of Homeland Security To Pollute And Desecrate
  11. Federal Agency Captured By Gas and Pipeline Industry
  12. Gas Industry Spent “Staggering” Amount Lobbying in Pennsylvania Last Year
  13. NC Gov. Bev Perdue Vetoes Offshore Drilling, Embraces Offshore Wind
  14. Climate Denier Paul Gosar Blames Arizona Wildfires On ‘Extreme Environmental Groups’
  15. WRI’s Jonathan Lash Slams Obama for Not Debunking “Misinformation and Outright Lies About Climate Change,”
  16. Climate change will increase threat of war, Chris Huhne to warn
  17. Europe paves way for GM crop bans
  18. GM wheat a threat to farmers: Greenpeace

More political stories on clean and dirty tech here: 13 Clean & Dirty Tech Policy & Politics News Stories

More stories to share? You can add links in the comments below!

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