Crazy Environmental & Global Warming Politics {Weekly Round-Up}

Some top (generally, not very cool) political news from the past week or so, other than what we’ve already covered:

  1. Waxman Calls Out Obama For Not Explaining Connection Between Climate Pollution And Extreme Weather
  2. Norway Terrorist Is A Global Warming Denier
  3. Moran on HR 2584: “The Most Anti-Environmental Legislation Ever to be Considered by the Congress”
  4. Grading Obama on the Environment: F
  5. Slideshow: Top 10 American Vacation Spots the House’s Anti-Environment Bill Could Ruin
  6. Forum: Assessing Obama’s Record on the Environment
  7. How Murdoch’s Times of London and Fox News Coordinate Their Deceitful Reporting on Climate Change
  8. The Federal Budget Cannot Be Balanced on the Back of America’s Lands and Waters
  9. As Oklahomans Die, Inhofe Mocks Killer Heat Wave
  10. Obama: House GOP Would Rather Destroy the U.S. Economy Than “Ask Anything of Corporate Jet Owners, Oil & Gas Companies” and the Rich
  11. GOP Votes to Ban Funding to Help Poor Countries Adapt to or Mitigate Climate Change
  12. Koch Brothers And ExxonMobil Join Forces To Fight RGGI With Copy-Paste State Legislation
  13. Bloomberg: ‘Coal Kills Every Day’
  14. Mayor Bloomberg Gives $50 Million to Sierra Club Anti-Coal Campaign Because Coal Plants Kill People and Harm Our Kids
  15. White House Threatens Veto for House Spending Bill Full of Polluter Industry Giveaways
  16. NY Times Editorial Urges Obama Administration To Reject Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline
  17. NRDC: Senate Committee Wastes Taxpayer Money Subsidizing Big Oil While Failing to Improve Offshore Drilling Safety
  18. People Who Think Toxic Air Pollution is Awesome: Cynthia Lummis, Fred Upton, Ed Whitfield, Mike Ross
  19. It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Stupidity: Limbaugh Calls Heat Index a Liberal Government Conspiracy
  20. Climate Zombie Riders Pollute House Appropriations Bills
  21. GOP ‘Streamlining’ Plan Threatens to Clear a Path for Highways and Pollution
  22. Poll: 59% Of Americans Support Repealing Fossil-Energy Subsidies To Reduce Deficit
  23. Health for Sale: House EPA Bill Allows Pollution and Supporters Get Big Oil Donations
  24. Rep. Markey: The Real Reason for Barton’s Bonehead Bulb Bill

Front Page Image via Indiana Stan

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