Coolest, Nerdiest Music Video Ever: 'Ode to the Brain' [VIDEO]

“…and then it explodes into this enormous collage…”  If you haven’t seen/heard this yet, I promise you, it will persist and linger amongst your neural nets for a long, long time…

Posted by Melodysheep and produced by the creative folks at Symphony of Science, and featuring  narration by Carl Sagan and and a “chorus” by Jill Bolte Tayler  (and with cameos by Oliver Sacks, Bill Nye, and some British doctor with a killer mustache)…mixed up/mashed up with some super-pretty 3D sci-animation and some smooth popping over electro-beats…

…and all made possible through a human-brain-designed ‘songify’ software program that transforms human speech into a corresponding melodic structure (which you may recall was used back in 2008 for the Obama “Yes We Can” video, only this isn’t running for high office — but it might make you officially high)…I give you:

‘Ode to the Brain’…dig it, oh brainiacs!

diagram: chemical synapse schema – NIH

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